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What We Do.

Story Giant is a full service Script-House dedicated to The Art of Story. Our Award Winning writers have been tasked with creating inspirational & legendary tales for today's motion picture industry.

Our primary focus is in the development of: original full-length features and shorts, adaptive re-constructions and assignment screenplays. 


We are proud to offer a fleet of award winning speculative screenplays, including: Full-length Animation, Period /Action-Romance, Western, Drama, Comedy, as well as a few shorts. 


Click here to see our current library of stories, as well as scripts in development.





Other Services.

Beyond writing relevant stories for today's Big Screen, we also provide a suite of script writing services.


 Offerings include:


- High-Concept Development / Idea review services

- Screenplay/Treatment Development Notes (3-5 pages)

Script-doctoring: Need help with a re-write or polish?

- Screenplay analysis (2 pgs. Strengths/weakneses/Execution)

- Script Coverage (standard rubric methodology)




Copyright 2018, Story Giant Films™ All rights reserved. 

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